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The diamonds of HTHP GLOBAL DIAMOND meet the evaluating criteria that is work on 4Cs. Carat, Weight, Color, Cut, and Clarity. The 4Cs qualify the stone’s quality by using the charts and scales that meet the standards for all gemstones.


Our objective is to formally establish ourselve as a global leader in the value chain of gold diamond jewellery. We are currently the largest constituent of gold and diamond jewellery business globally. We would put all our efforts to insure that we have a substantial global share in the entire value chain of gold diamond jewellery by moving up the value chain. We are making gold diamond jewellery for retail consumers. We provide the finest quantity and designed at the best price.

Ankush Nakrani

Managing Director (MD)

He is Managing Director of HTHP Global Diamond. Responsible for the entire Product Development and Product Management for the company. He also oversees the customer experience portfolio of the company.

Sandip Jasani

Chief Executive officer (CEO)

He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HTHP Global Diamond, carving out short term and long term strategies that contribute to the brand’s growth and its consolidation in the jewellery e-commerce market.

Hardik Bhimani

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

He is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of HTHP Global Diamond. He brings in more than 8 years of experience in the domains of technology, e-commerce and internet marketing.

About Our Story

Jewellery Collection

HTHP GLOBAL DIAMOND objective is to established itself formally as a leader in the global jewellery market by manufacturing and marketing the finest quality jewellery & diamond to consumer across the world. To achieve this objective, HTHP will put in all required efforts consequently emerge as a global leader in the field of jewellery.